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24 year old recent college graduate. Part-time pizza delivery driver. Full-time amazing person. Born and raised in southeast Missouri. Relatively moderate in beliefs, I try not to judge. I like to think I'm pretty funny, but I can take a while to warm up to you at first. But once I do, look out, haha. I post stuff that I like or find funny or just simply makes me happy. Enjoy! Also, if you ever need somebody to talk to for whatever reason, feel free to message me. I may not totally understand, but I will try my best to listen.


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NHL Fangirl Meme

Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) & Sergei Gonchar (Ottawa Senators)

"I didn’t speak English. He took care of me. He’s a great guy and an unbelievable player. He’s learned how hard to play. He’s my best friend here."- Evgeni Malkin on Sergei Gonchar

1/7 - Bromances

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